Introducing Cherrymore Kitchens & Bedrooms

Cherrymore Kitchens and Bedrooms are renowned for their innovative use of materials. From sleek and stylish contemporary designs to the timeless and classic traditional looks, Cherrymore's highly skilled craftsmen pride in perfecting every detail of your perfect kitchen or bedroom.

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    Cherrymore Kitchens & Bedrooms
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    March 27, 2024

A highly effective Google Ads campaign has been created and continually optimised.


At Incline Digital, our mission was clear: to elevate the online presence of Cherrymore, a distinguished provider of kitchen and bedroom furniture with 3 locations in Donegal, Galway and Mayo, through strategic Google Ads campaigns. Our objectives were twofold: to increase brand visibility and drive qualified traffic to Cherrymore's website, ultimately boosting sales and revenue.


To achieve these objectives, we employed a comprehensive approach that combined meticulous planning, targeted keyword research, compelling ad copywriting, and ongoing optimization. We conducted in-depth market analysis to identify key trends and competitor strategies, allowing us to refine our targeting and messaging for maximum impact.

We crafted bespoke ad campaigns tailored to Cherrymore's unique offerings, highlighting their exceptional quality, diverse product range, and competitive pricing. By leveraging Google's powerful advertising platform, we strategically positioned Cherrymore's ads to reach potential customers at the right time and place, whether they were searching for kitchen renovation inspiration or shopping for bedroom furniture online.

Through continuous monitoring and analysis, we fine-tuned our campaigns to optimize performance, adjusting bids, ad creatives, and targeting parameters to maximize ROI and drive meaningful results for Cherrymore.

Experience the Difference

Our efforts translated into measurable business outcomes, with Cherrymore experiencing a notable uptick in leads, conversions, and ultimately, sales. Through our strategic approach to Google Ads, we helped Cherrymore solidify its position as a leading provider of kitchen and bedroom furniture, strengthening brand recognition and customer loyalty in the highly competitive home furnishings market.

Overall, our work with Cherrymore exemplifies the power of strategic digital marketing in driving business growth and achieving tangible results. We're proud to have played a pivotal role in Cherrymore's success story, and we look forward to continuing our partnership to further elevate their online presence and drive continued success in the future.

Key features

Our work with Cherrymore included the following key features

  • Strategic Targeting
  • Compelling Ad Copy
  • Keyword Optimization
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Ad Extensions
  • A/B Testing
“He's always on hand if we have a question or want to run something by him and he's always coming up with ways to improve our digital marketing performance. 5 stars 👍”

Project outcome

The outcome of our collaboration with Cherrymore exceeded expectations, delivering tangible results that positively impacted their bottom line. By implementing targeted Google Ads campaigns, we significantly increased Cherrymore's online visibility, driving a substantial increase in website traffic and engagement.

Cherrymore Kitchens & Bedrooms
June 14, 2023
Google Ads
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